Pastor’s Letter: October 18, 2019

Pastor’s Letter: October 18, 2019

Pastor’s Letter: October 18, 2019

18 Oct 2019 | Posted by: chadmin

Dear friend,

St. Paul wrote two letters to Timothy, a brother priest. The letters to Timothy encourage him to live the faith and be faithful to the Spirit of God given through the Rite of Ordination. Paul also encourages Timothy to remember the wisdom of the Old Testament Scriptures. The promise of a Messiah, the expectation for the coming of Jesus, was recorded in the Old Testament and fulfilled in the New Testament. Paul wants Timothy to understand that the Old Testament Scriptures are not to be dismissed because of the coming of Jesus, but to be understood through the Life, Death and Resurrection of Jesus. For this reason, Paul writes, “All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful for teaching, for refutation, for correction, and for training in righteousness, so that one who belongs to God may be competent and equipped for every good work.” Paul challenged Timothy to believe these words in order to hand them on to others.

The Bible is the Living Word of God. Part of the meaning that we are created in the Image and Likeness of God is that we are rational, thinking beings. We can know God. The Bible exists to inform the mind with the truth of God, in order to form our consciences to live a moral life in union with God. We are invited to read the Scriptures for answers. The path to the Kingdom of Heaven is set within the Scripture. God has no secrets from us. May we all have a renewed love for the Bible, as the inspired Word of God, that exists to teach and guide.

This week, all the priests of the Diocese of Peoria will take part in our annual Clergy Days. Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, the priests will gather at the Pastoral Center, with Bishop Jenky, for conferences, prayer, and social time. I believe the conferences this year will focus on preaching the Gospel to an ever changing world. These days also give us an opportunity for renewing communication with priests that live in the varying parts of the Diocese. Please keep us in prayer and that it is a time of learning and personal growth. Have a great week.

God bless,

Father David