Eucharistic Revival: Walk Through the Mass

Eucharistic Revival: Walk Through the Mass

Eucharistic Revival: Walk Through the Mass

29 Dec 2022 | Posted by: chadmin

“Why is the Mass so important? Why do we stand, sit, and kneel at specific times during the Mass? Where did the prayers we say at Mass come from? When does Jesus actually become present in his Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity? How do I pray better at Mass? These are just some of the many questions parishioners have asked me through the years. They’re really great questions! The goal of this series is to explore the most common things Catholics want to know about the Mass.” — Fr. Luke Spannagel

Fr. Luke Spannagel

Fr. Luke may be familiar to St. Philomena parishioners as he is in residence here and helps with Mass and confession as his schedule permits. Fr. Luke is a National Eucharistic Preacher. “The National Eucharistic Preachers are a diverse group of priests who have been commissioned to enkindle the flame of eucharistic faith and devotion in the United States through kerygmatic eucharistic preaching. ” (

Below are links to his blog post series: “A Step by Step Walk Through the Mass, Do This in Remembrance of Me.” The site’s complete blog can be found at

Part 1: Holy Water and Sacramentals

Part 2: Genuflection

Part 3: Silence Before Mass

Part 4: Opening Hymn

Part 5: Altar Kiss

Part 6: Sign of the Cross

Part 7: Greeting

Part 8: Penitential Act

Part 9: Forms of Penitential Act

Part 10: Penitential Absolution

Part 11: Gloria

Part 12: Collect

Part 13: Liturgy of the Word

Part 14: Listening to God’s Word

Part 15: The First Reading

Part 16: Responsorial Psalm

Part 17: Second Reading

Part 18: Response After Readings

Part 19: Alleluia

Part 20: Gospel

Part 21: The Four Gospels

Part 22: Harmony of the Gospels

Part 23: The Fifth Gospel

Part 24: The Homily

Part 25: A deeper look at the Homily

Part 26: How to Engage with the Homily

Part 27: The Creed

Part 28: Creed as Profession of Faith

Part 29: Creed at Statement of Faith in the Trinity

Part 30: Intercessions

Part 31: Liturgy of Word and Liturgy of Eucharist

Part 32: Parts of Liturgy of Eucharist

Part 33: Altar Set up

Part 34: Collection and Procession

Part 35: Offertory Water and Wine

Part 36: Bread and Wine

Part 37: Silent, Humble, Contrite

Part 38: Incense

Part 39: Incense – A Vision of Heaven

Part 40: Washing Hands

Part 41: Prayer Over the Offerings

Part 42: The Eucharistic Prayer

Part 43: The Preface

Part 44: The Preface as Thanksgiving

Part 45: Sanctus

Part 46: Eucharistic Prayer Options

Part 47: Background of the Eucharistic Prayers

Part 48: The Epiclesis

Part 49: Consecration

Part 50: Transubstantiation

Part 51: Institution Narrative

Part 52: Anamnesis, Mystery of Faith

Part 53: Offering

Part 54: Intercessions

Part 55: Saint Names in Eucharistic Prayer I

Part 56: Doxology

Part 57: The Great Amen

Part 58: The Communion Rite

Part 59: The Lord’s Prayer

Part 60: The Lord’s Prayer, Part 2

Part 61: Embolism

Part 62: Rite of Peace

Part 63: Exchanging the Sign of Peace

Part 64: Lamb of God

Part 65: Fraction