Women’s Ministries

Growing together as women of God throughout all seasons of life.


Magnify is a 90 day women’s program based on female saints, virtues, improving your prayer life, challenging you to sacrifice, and helping you to grow in community and friendship.

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Women in the Magnify ministry continue to meet over the summer of 2023 on Fridays after the 8:00 a.m. Mass. If you are interested, contact the parish office for details. 

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Tiny Tigers Moms' Group

How much wisdom has been shared among women over the years from the comfort of the front porch? Come connect, have a cup of coffee and share life with other moms living out their God-given mission as a wife and mother. Be inspired by our speakers, the scriptures, and our round-table discussions and receive the abundant graces of the Holy Spirit. To register, click on VIEW MORE to the right and complete the registration form. We look forward to sharing life with you. All are welcome - bring a friend or come to meet new faces!

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When we Meet

In the Parish Center banquet room on Tuesdays (we do not meet when school is not in session) from 8:00 – 9:45 a.m. We will begin 2023-24 with two playdates on our Rosary Walk across from the parish center: Tuesdays, August 22 and 29 at 8:00 a.m. The first official meeting will be September 5 in the banquet room. 


Speakers, scriptures, round-table discussions related to being a wife, mother, daughter of God and builder of the domestic Church.


Moms rotate bringing a snack to share while childcare is provided for children walking through 4 years old.

Past Meeting Resources

Tiny Tigers Moms Registration Form

Advent by Candlelight

The first Friday of Advent (December 1, 2023) we hold an Advent by Candlelight event for parish women.

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Advent by Candlelight is an opportunity for women to set aside the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, and focus their hearts and minds on Christ. Enjoy a night of food, friendship, music, and time to reflect on the Advent season. Below are links to videos from our Advent by Candlelight speakers and/or entertainers. Watch the parish communications in October and November for details and how to register.

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Women's Nights

ALL WOMEN OF THE PARISH (women of both the church and school) are invited to a night of faith, fellowship and fun. We welcome and invite all generations of women from St. Philomena.

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Women’s Nights for 2023-24 are as follows

Monday, September 25; Monday, October 30; Monday, January 15; Wednesday, February 21 and April date TBD. 

In September we will host our popular BINGO Night. Please register by clicking here.  

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Well-Read Mom

In Well-Read Mom, women read more and read well. We hope to deepen the awareness of meaning hidden in each woman’s daily life, elevate the cultural conversation, and revitalize reading literature from books.

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Well-Read Mom accompanies women in reading great books and spiritual classics to encourage personal growth, friendship, and meaningful conversations to explore the human condition and reorient ourselves to what is good, beautiful, and true. 

Our group reads one book per month and meets to discuss it once-a-month. Book selections for each year correspond to the themes of a woman’s life. Our first meetings will be your choice of September 14 (6:30 p.m.) or 16 (8:30 a.m.) in the parish center. The first month does not require any advance reading preparation. 

For more information, visit wellreadmom.com or contact Susan Clark in the parish office, 309-682-8642, ext. 2102. 

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Finding Your Fiat

Finding Your Fiat is a young women's ministry at St. Philomena open to girls in junior high and meets after school.  The mission of this ministry is to build up our Christian sisterhood, discover the art of living, be inspired by the lives of the Saints and to have time for authentic conversations. 

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Finding Your Fiat’s name comes from Mary’s “yes” to God as a young teenage girl that changed the course of history for all nations. Inspired by her courage to participate in God’s plan, we too look for the opportunities to say “yes” to the Lord each day as we love Him and our neighborhood. 

Each gathering begins with music and an activity, a lively conversation with our scripture reading, virtue and saint, dinner and a hands-on project. In the past we learned how to make rosaries, embroider designs, the art of handwriting and baking. 

If you have questions contact Miss Katie Bogner, katibogn@stphils.com 

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St. Joseph FertilityCare

St. Joseph FertilityCare practitioners teach young women and engaged and married couples how to chart the female reproductive cycles with the use of the Creighton Model System.

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This method of charting equips women to be advocates of their health and to see the beauty of God’s design of the body. Married couples can use this knowledge to assist in the conception or to temporarily or permanently avoid pregnancy. In addition, the charting system allows for the collaboration with OB/GYN doctors and nurse practitioners for the management of fertility disorders and diseases such as hormone dysfunction, ovarian cyst, polycystic ovarian syndrome, abnormal bleeding, miscarriage, infertility, and pain.

Click here to read a guest column in The Catholic Post by Diocesan priest, Fr. Charles Klamut, on Natural Family Planning. 

Send an email to fertility@stphils.com or call 309-323-0085 to get started, or fill out the form below and someone will follow up with you.


Coordinator/Practitioner: Michelle Hayes, RN, BSN, FCP

Michelle discovered the Creighton model and NaPro technology in 2016 when she was going through marriage prep classes with her husband, Sean. After years of hearing doctors suggest birth control as a way to correct reproductive health issues, she was excited to hear that there could be an actual solution out there that didn’t require the use of artificial hormones. Michelle and Sean turned to instructors at St. Philomena parish to learn the Creighton Model and soon after began working with a doctor who practiced NaPro technology in correspondence with the Creighton model. 

Over the years Michelle gained insight and found solutions to correct her health issues in a natural way with the help of Creighton and NaPro technology. Up until 2019, she worked as a nurse in postpartum and pediatrics when a position opened up as a NaPro nurse for a local nurse practitioner who practiced NaPro technology. Michelle’s interest and passion for the Creighton model and NaPro technology flourished even more as she was able to first hand witness how Creighton and NaPro was changing and improving women’s health. Michelle decided to take her passion a step further and become trained to teach the Creighton model as a FertilityCare Practitioner. 

Today, Michelle enjoys assisting women and couples whether it’s through their infertility journey, family planning or just maintaining their health through the use of the Creighton model. She works remotely and teaches via Zoom but does offer in person classes, if desired.

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