Pastor’s Weekly Letter & Bulletin, July 12

Pastor’s Weekly Letter & Bulletin, July 12

Pastor’s Weekly Letter & Bulletin, July 12

10 Jul 2020 | Posted by: chadmin

The July 12 bulletin can be found online by clicking here. 


Dear friend,

This week I have the annual retreat with the Junior Clergy, those priests ordained ten years or less. The retreat is an opportunity for the priests to socialize, pray and recuperate once a year. Bishop Jenky started the Junior Clergy group just before I was ordained a priest. I attended the Junior Clergy retreat when I was in my first ten years. After “graduating” from the program, the Bishop asked me to help guide the young priests. I’ve held this role since 2013. Along with offering an annual retreat, I serve as a support person to the Junior Clergy in their first years of priesthood. Please say a prayer that the week is fruitful for all involved.

As I mentioned last Sunday, Wednesday July 8 we held our Baptism and Confirmation Mass for those in the RCIA class. Typically, the RCIA candidates join the Church at the Easter Vigil. Because of the Covid-19 shutdown, we were unable to have the Easter Vigil with people present in Church. As I write this column on Wednesday, there is great anticipation for the Mass this evening. The current class started in September. Many of them were contemplating becoming Catholic for years prior to joining the class. The delay has been difficult for them and myself. I always enjoy the process of evangelizing new Catholics and welcoming them into the Church. Please join me in praying for our new Catholics and members of St. Philomena Church.

Thank you for your cooperation with our Covid-19 protocols. I was a bit anxious about opening the Church a few weeks ago. The process has gone well. Obviously we are not fully open, but we are able to meet the spiritual needs of those who seek to attend Mass at this time. While it is still necessary for us to schedule people for the weekend Masses, the daily Masses don’t require us to schedule. Please know there is room at the 7am and 8am weekday Masses. We have seen a spike in Covid-19 cases in the country so we continue to ask people to wear masks when you are entering and leaving church. As we prepare to open school in August, we are using the same big-picture decision-making. Let’s all do the best we can for each other and think about protecting the whole of the community. This is one of those times when St. Philomena being such a strong community can live out that community care by doing what is good for the whole community.

Have a great week.

God bless you,

Father David