Pastor’s Letter & May 23 Bulletin

Pastor’s Letter & May 23 Bulletin

Pastor’s Letter & May 23 Bulletin

21 May 2021 | Posted by: chadmin

The May 23 bulletin is now available online.

Dear friend,

The last few weeks we have seen some swift changes to living with the coronavirus. In some ways this year feels like it has flown by us, and in other ways some days and decisions have dragged on. Some of the return to normal decisions carry both the fast and slow attributes. This past week, the CDC announced that fully-vaccinated people are not required to wear a mask inside or outside. While a vaccinated person can still get the virus, there seems to be a little bit of question on how contagious a vaccinated person would be to others after acquiring the virus. However, with the number of people vaccinated or having already contracted the virus, restrictions on social distancing and mask wearing are lifting. Last week we opened the middle pews, sections B and C, to allow more people in church.  At this time, I plan to leave the side sections, A and D, with every other pew blocked off.  This will allow those wanting more distance to have that option.

As a large portion of our community has been vaccinated, we will have masks as optional at this time. Please feel free to wear the mask if you feel safer. If you are vaccinated or not concerned, feel free to remove your mask in church. As sections A and D will maintain the closure of every other pew for the time being, those desiring to continue wearing a mask might choose to sit in those two sections.

The distribution of the Holy Eucharist will continue in the same manner as we have been doing. While it takes a little longer, distribution of Communion by more than two people doesn’t make sense until we fully open the side sections. We will continue to distribute Communion outside in the parking lot after the three Mass that are Live Streamed: 4:30pm on Saturday and 9 and 11am on Sunday. As always, please don’t hesitate to contact me with any comments, questions, or concerns.

On the feast of Pentecost, may the Holy Spirit come and enliven our hearts to live faithfully the Christian faith. Pentecost marks the coming of the Holy Spirit and the beginning of the Church. It is this feast that reminds us of our need for God, our unity as a community, and our need for guidance and governance. All members of the Church, all members of the Body of Christ, whether clergy or laity, are called to daily reflect on the ways we can best serve God and neighbor. May the Holy Spirit guide and strengthen our service.

God bless,

Father David