Pastor’s Letter & August 1, 2021 Bulletin

Pastor’s Letter & August 1, 2021 Bulletin

Pastor’s Letter & August 1, 2021 Bulletin

30 Jul 2021 | Posted by: chadmin

The August 1 bulletin is now available online.

Dear friend,

A passage from the Book of Exodus begins the scripture readings this weekend. We read, “The whole Israelite community grumbled against Moses and Aaron.” The story explains the many challenges the Israelites faced in their exodus from Egypt to the Promised Land. The story mirrors the story of every human person’s relationship to his or her parents. Of course, God is God and no parent loves as God loves. However, the love of a parent for a child is likely the closest humans can get to loving like God. God shows himself as a perfect lover to the people. God is faithful forever. God is the perfect Father. The Exodus story illustrates the faithfulness of God and the challenge of people to return that faithfulness. In their time of need, God provides the Israelites with bread from heaven. God provides what they need, despite their response. While God calls us to love Him the way He loves us, God knows that our response will be imperfect.

This shapes the whole of religious practice. Despite the weakness and sin of humanity, God loves anyway. Even if we grumble against God for some of life’s situations, God remains faithful. As our relationship with God mirrors our relationships with others, it is important to examine our personal relationships for insights into what we give to God. The way we treat others is often what we project onto our relationship with God. The concept of the Sabbath Day, of the Sunday Obligation, is to give God time to focus on relationship growth. As we begin our next time of prayer, the Book of Exodus reminds us that the Lord is merciful, gracious, slow to anger, rich in kindness, faithful, forgiving, yet not declaring the guilty guiltless. If we reestablish our relationship with God on how God sees us, we are more likely to give God our best time, energy and faithfulness.

Thanks to all who attended the Peoria Municipal Band concert last Friday. We had a good crowd. It is always fun to hear the variety of music played by the band. They weave so easily from classical to classic rock to patriotic music. I am grateful they once again visited St. Philomena. Thanks again to Frank Rezac who helped organize the evening. Frank has maintained a relationship with the Municipal Band over the years that helps to secure their musical talents for our parishioners to enjoy.

God bless,

Father David