Latest from Diocese About Reopening

Latest from Diocese About Reopening

Latest from Diocese About Reopening

20 May 2020 | Posted by: chadmin

May 20, 2020

Dear all,

Bishop Jenky released the attached letter (click here) today about the Diocesan response to COVID-19. Included with his letter were some guidelines for the churches in the Diocese of Peoria to prepare for opening to the public. Currently, churches are allowed to open for 10 people who desire to attend a funeral, baptism, or marriage. This is considered Phase 1 of reopening.

In the coming weeks, Bishop Jenky hopes that individual churches can prepare to open for private prayer and public Mass. This desire of our Bishop embraces our communal desire to publicly worship together again. As individual parishes prepare to open, much work and communication will take place. St. Philomena Parish has begun these preparations. The Diocese of Peoria is working in coordination with all the Bishops of Illinois, who are in communication with Governor Pritzker. All steps and bench marks to open individual churches will work in concert with our Diocese, including oversight and permission to open based on proof of our individual plan. When we do receive permission to open the church to our parish community, we all know that social distancing will apply, which will mean limited seating capacity.

As parish administration, we pledge to do our best to meet the spiritual needs of our faithful so that we can worship together in a safe and prayerful manner. When we are able to open, we know that all of us will need to make adjustments for the benefit of one another. As we further grasp how best to make these accommodations, we will communicate promptly. Please continue to pray for all those religious and civil authorities seeking to guide us through this pandemic.

God Bless,

Fr. David