Education Commission

Education Commission

What is the Education Commission?

This Commission has been established to promote the participation of members of St. Philomena Parish in the educational mission of the Church, and in particular of this Parish, to encourage dialogue between the Pastor and the members of the Parish, and to recommend to the Pastor policy on educational matters. The commission currently consists of 11 voting members as well as the pastor, principal and a member of the faculty. For a list of member names and brief biographical information, click here.



  • To ascertain and to assist the pastor in determining, after prayerful study and analysis, the educational needs of the people of St. Philomena Parish including surveys and other approved research methods for strategic planning purposes, as well as for proposing and executing marketing recommendations.
  • To study, in particular, the needs of the formal educational programs of the Parish including St. Philomena Parish School and St. Philomena Parish Religious Education and to make recommendations known to the Pastor.
  • To encourage effective consultation in educational matters and to foster the climate of dialogue, including participation in the Parish strategic planning process.
  • To assist St. Philomena Parish Council, when requested, with implementing recommendations in the field of education and formation.
  • To assist the Pastor in his role as Chief Catechist of St. Philomena Parish as he may request.

If you are interested in joining the Commission for a three year term, contact the pastor at the parish center at 309-682-8642 and download and complete the application, returning it to the parish office to the attention of the pastor. Meetings are generally held every 2nd Thursday at 7 p.m. and are open to all school parents and parishioners.  Contact the office for the location of the meeting you wish to attend.

Inquiries to Join Education Commission for a Three-Year Term