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 Other than the Eucharist, the other great Sacrament of Healing in our Catholic Tradition is the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  As a Church, we believe that Jesus instituted the Sacrament so that we could know of his love and forgiveness, through the presence of a minister of the Church.  Of course it is God alone who forgives sin, but he chose to come to us through the priest.  The beauty of the Sacrament is that we know for sure we are forgiven after the words of Absolution are spoken by the priest.     read more







Partners In Faith: May 2018 Edition 

The 2018 Annual Diocesan Appeal (ADA) kicked off in April 2018. Cards can be found in the parish office or the church. You may also download a card by clicking hereTo learn more about the ADA, visit the Catholic Diocese of Peoria's webpage. Your support is needed and appreciated. If you have questions, contact the parish office at 309-682-8642 or 

Our parish has launched its own app available for both iPhone and Android users. To learn more, click on About Us at the top of this page and then select MyParish App. To download the app, visit your App Store or Google Play or go to and click on Get the App.

For more information on FORMED, visit our Faith Formation page.


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