New Family Support

New Family Support

Welcoming and acclimating our new families is a priority to us.  Here are some things we offer our new families to help ensure a smooth transition.


Orientation helps our new families get off to a great start and prepares them for the first day of school.

The New Parent Orientation program is held in the evening, and brings together school personnel to provide information and answer parents' most pressing questions.

The New Student Orientation program is in the morning and is for students only. Coordinated by St. Philomena's Student Council, it is a fun-filled program that includes a scavenger hunt, classroom tours and an opportunity for new students to spend time with current students so there are familiar faces on that first day of school.

Mentor Program

We know that coming to a new school / parish can sometimes be overwhelming, especially to children.  To make the experience easier we have created mentor groups – one for parents and one for students.   If you are new to St. Philomena you will have mentors to help you and your child(ren) feel comfortable. 

If you are a parent, you will be contacted by another parent who can fill you in on what goes on at the beginning of the school year, answer your questions, and help you navigate throughout the year.

New students will also have a mentor.  The student mentors are thoughtfully chosen each year.  Assigned mentors are welcoming and caring to our new students.  They kick off the year with a gathering (prior to the start of school) where new students become familiar with the campus and their mentors by participating in a scavenger hunt.  Once school starts, the student mentor continues to assist the new student become familiar with the school day processes. 

With the help of Parent and Student Mentors, new families will quickly feel a part of the St. Philomena family.