Scrip Enrollment & Login

Scrip Enrollment & Login

St. Philomena Private Enrollment Code:


What is Scrip

  • Scrip Purchases Gift Cards At A Discount

  • You buy the Gift Card for Full Price

    Split the Profits with St. Philomena and your Tuition

  • By purchasing the gift cards at full price, the discounted amount rolls forward to an annual scrip rebate.The discounted cost of the original purchase of the gift card is split between the St. Philomena Tuition Assistance program and your tuition.

How do I Sign Up

  • Go to
    Create your family account (email or call 309-682-8642 for a private enrollment code)


  1. Sign up for PrestoPay if you choose to have your purchases deducted directly from your bank account or your Visa or MasterCard credit card. Click here for a video about PrestoPay and how it works. 
  2. Wait for PrestoPay confirmation and follow instructions
  3. SHOP!
  4. Pick up your gift card purchases. Orders placed by Sunday will be available for pickup in the parish office on Thursdays or after all weekend Masses.
  5. Contact other family members (grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc) to sign up too! They can designate your account to receive the rebate benefit with an email request to Sara Whalen.

If you have questions, or have trouble signing up contact our Scrip Coordinator, Sara Whalen at

Scrip FAQ

How do I buy SCRIP?

We have several ways you may purchase SCRIP: - After weekend Masses - From the Parish Office during the week (8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.) - Online - you may purchase by going to and using the St. Phil’s code (contact us for the private code: or 309-682-8642)

Do I have to register to be a part of SCRIP?

There is no registration, or registration fee. Simply purchase SCRIP, and your purchases will be logged for your “account.”

I have kids in school at SPS - how does SCRIP help me?

SCRIP is great for parents with school children (at SPS and Peoria Notre Dame). The money you raise by using SCRIP is tallied in your “account” for the year. At the end of the fiscal year, the SCRIP committee gives you 50% of your total back in the form of tuition reimbursement for the following school year. The more you buy, the more you get as a reimbursement!

I do not have children in school at SPS or PND - why should I buy SCRIP?

Would you like to help a needy family in our parish, or do you know a family you would like to help out? The funds raised from your account can be earmarked for the Tuition Assistance Fund, or for a family you specify. Grandparents, friends, and other family members can all help out. When you buy SCRIP, you are helping your parish - and you are doing it by living your life - when you buy gas, purchase groceries, go out for dinner, or go shopping.

Helpful Tips

    • “Weekly grocery shopping is so easy - I order my SCRIP online for HyVee, pick up my order from the parish office and use the HyVee gift cards when I pay. It is that easy.”
    • “I shop a lot at Kohl’s, and I can use Kohl’s SCRIP to pay on my Kohl’s Credit card - it’s great!”
    • “I am in charge of purchasing the food for our concession stand at the ball park - I buy GFS and Walmart/Sam’s SCRIP, and use it for all the club’s purchases.”
    • “We have a group who go out to eat after Mass on Sundays. We stop by the SCRIP table and usually purchase Bob Evan’s, Childer’s, Steak ‘n’ Shake, or Chili’s. Then we use the gift cards to pay for our meal when we are done.”
    • “I have many family members who live out of town, and we use SCRIP for birthday gifts, Christmas presents, and other gift ideas. Our family members have no trouble using the SCRIP we have purchased at their stores in their town.”
    • “I use the gas cards as the gas allowance for my teenagers who are driving - it’s easy to give them gas money in the form of a gift card. Plus, several gas cards are reloadable online.”
    • “ is so easy - I make all my purchases online, drop a check off at the parish office, and my order is ready the following week.”
    • “I use SCRIP whenever I have a prescription to fill.” (example - Walgreen’s Kroger, CVS, and Walmart SCRIP may be used in the pharmacy areas of their stores.)