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Scrip gift cards

The scrip program is a wonderful way to help St. Philomena in addition to reducing your own tuition costs.  Buy gift cards through the St Philomena Scrip program at face value.  St. Phil’s purchases these gift cards at a reduced rate.  The difference between the face value price and the cost to St. Phil’s is split 50/50 between the parish and your tuition costs. 


The scrip year runs from June 1 – May 31.  Early in June you will receive a printout from the scrip coordinator letting you know much your tuition is reduced for the upcoming school year.  Scrip cards are sold after weekend masses, in the rectory, or can be purchased online (pick up after mass or in the rectory).


Office Depot Back to School Program

When purchasing items, St. Phil’s receives credit equal to 5% of qualifying purchases to use toward supplies. At checkout, just provide our tax ID #: 70034086.


$100 Club

You’ll want to be a part of this fundraiser for a chance to win $100 per month and a great party at the end of the school year.  Become a $100 Club Member by making a donation of $100.  Each month a drawing is held from the member pool.  Winner receives $100 and can win more than once.  A dinner dance is held in June for all members.  Enrollment form can be found by selecting the $100 club link in support on this website.


Box Tops for Education 


Clip this symbol on various boxes right in your kitchen cabinets.  Turn them into the school office or send them to school with your child.  We receive money for every box top submitted.   Follow our progress at the BTFE website (www.btfe.com).


Campbell Soup Labels



Cell phones / printer cartridges


Turn in any old cell phones and print cartridges to the school office.  We receive $2 for every cartridge or phone submitted.

Aluminum Cans

Recycling your aluminum cans is good for the school and the environment ... so, save your cans! The collection point is at the trailer parked near the school dumpsters on the blacktop and is open year-round. (Please do not bring glass, plastic, newspaper, tin cans, or garbage as part of your donation. Aluminum cans only!) The school averages $200/month from this initiative.