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Earn money for St. Philomena and reduce tuition costs while doing your regular shopping!
The scrip program is a wonderful way to help St. Philomena in addition to reducing your own tuition costs.  Buy gift cards through the St Philomena Scrip program at face value.  St. Phil’s purchases these gift cards at a reduced rate.  The difference between the face value price and the cost to St. Phil’s is split 50/50 between the parish and your tuition costs (if you have a student at St. Philomena or Peoria Notre Dame or any school where there is a tuition) or the Adopt-A-Student Program. 
“Scrip” is simply gift cards, just like you buy in stores and restaurants. Hundreds of retailers participate in our program. Buying these cards in bulk means we get discounts, which turn into rebates for the school. That rebate is shared - half to the school, half to your family’s account at St. Phil’s to defray tuition cost.
If you have students in school and place an order online, your cards can be sent through school to your student if you complete this Release Form. Fulfilled ordes cannot be sent through school without the completed release form on file.
The beauty of St. Phil’s Scrip is that it’s fundraising without selling or special programs.  You are just doing what you already do.
The scrip year runs from June 1 – May 31.  Early in June you will receive a printout from the scrip coordinator letting you know much your tuition is reduced for the upcoming school year.  Scrip cards are sold after weekend masses, in the rectory, or can be purchased online at (pick up after mass or in the rectory).
For more information, click on the logo on this page
How to Sign Up to purchase St. Philomena Scrip online:
  1. Create your family account (#C51LD8AL925)
a.    Sign up for PrestoPay if you choose to have your purchases deducted directly from your bank account. 
b.    Wait for PrestoPay confirmation and follow instructions
  1. SHOP!!!
  2. Pick up your gift card purchases.  Orders placed by Sunday will be available for pickup in the Rectory on Thursday morning or after all weekend masses.
  3. Contact other family members (grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc) to sign up too! They can designate your account to receive the rebate benefit with an email request to Mary Beth McGarvey.
If you have questions, or have trouble signing up contact one of our Scrip Coordinator, Mary Beth McGarvey at