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Liturgical Ministers are a very important part of each Mass held at St. Philomena. Areas in Liturgical Ministry are: Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, Ushers and Altar Servers. If you are interested in serving the Church in this way, please email and we will be happy to speak with you in more detail.

Lectors looking for pronunciation assistance can find audio versions of each day's readings on the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops website:

Existing Liturgical Ministers can log in to Ministry Scheduler Pro (MSP) by cliMinistry Scheduler Pro - Click to access your schedule onlinecking on the logo for the most up-to-date scheduling needs.  If you would like a brief overview on how to use the web terminal, click here.  MSP also has an app for both iOS and Android operating systems. Go to the App Store or Play Store on your device, search for Ministry Scheduler Pro and install the app. Open the app and enter the following under Organization ID: stphilspeoria . Enter the same username and password you use for the Web Terminal (desktop) to log in. 

Eucharistic Ministers who would like to review the norms of this ministry should click here for a booklet