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Dear Friends,

Other than the Eucharist, the other great Sacrament of Healing in our Catholic Tradition is the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  As a Church, we believe that Jesus instituted the Sacrament so that we could know of his love and forgiveness, through the presence of a minister of the Church.  Of course it is God alone who forgives sin, but he chose to come to us through the priest.  The beauty of the Sacrament is that we know for sure we are forgiven after the words of Absolution are spoken by the priest.  The Lord knows we all need forgiveness!  I try to go to Confession at least every other week.  The spiritual benefits to the sacrament are so numerous.  Not only are we forgiven, but we are renewed and strengthened to continue the Christian journey.  We are made aware of our weakness and our need for what God alone can give us.  I am adding Confession times after the 7am and 8am Masses on Thursday mornings and after the 8am Mass on Saturday.  Confessions will continue to be heard on Saturday from 3-4:15pm.  Please know that you can schedule an appointment for Confession with me at any time.  I am always willing to meet at church in the confessional or in the rectory office.  We should receive reconciliation at least once per year.  If it has been years, please give yourself a spiritual gift by receiving forgiveness in the near future.


God bless, 
Fr. David